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A Wine Dictionary in Your Pocket!

Wine Dictionary contains explanations for over 1,400 wine-related terms. You can quickly search for a specific term by keyword, or browse the whole dictionary alphabetically.

The dictionary contains terms from French, English, German, Italian, Spain, Portuguese and Hungarian, which you'll find commonly (and uncommonly) in the world of wines.

COST: $0.99

Uncorkified: I love this app, it's like a mini Oxford Companion to Wine with quick concise definitions.


The content has been created by Finnish wine enthusiast and educator, Helena Rantasuo. She has been teaching wines and gastronomy for over 30 years of which the last 10 years in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences as an authorized WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust, London) course lecturer. She herself holds several WSET certificates of different levels and a diploma from l’Ecole du Vin (Bordeaux). She is a regular speaker in gastronomical seminars, a member of the Munkänkarna wine association, and acts as a Vice-Echanson of Ordre Mondiál Des Gourmets Dégustateurs. She has also written several wine and food-related articles and translated gastronomic and wine books.

On her work for Wine Dictionary, Helena was supported by The Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers, and several other parties have helped on correcting the final revision.

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