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Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

If you do not know this wine, you are missing out on life. This is the ultimate value for money, totally smashable wine. This needs to be your day drinking/summer braai go-to wine.

I am not going to lie, I panic bought wine, and I stocked up on 40 bottles to ensure I always had the goods. (I would totally have bought more, but 40 bottles were all I could find at the time.)

This is a super racy wine with notes of green apple, lime pith, and a smidge of honeydew. There is a delicate effervescence that's just slightly less than most Pét-Nat wines. It's only 9.5% alcohol, so sip it throughout the day without getting smashed. Stock up for braais and BBQ's it's only about $5 in the US and locally under R100 from Makro or Norman Goodfellows.

This producer also makes a red, a rose, and a demi-sec, but I am a purist, so make sure its THIS label.

A bit more about the varietals...

Alvarinho rules the roost in the Vinho Verde Region of Portugal, and I am a fan of all things Alvarinho/Albariño. But this wine is actually a blend of Arinto (Pedernã in Minho) and Loureiro with a bit of Trajadura.

Pedernã is your favorite crazy cousin bringing the acid to the party. Whereas Loureiro is the annoying little sister that keeps the alcohol low, and Trajadura is your sassy aunt that adds body and citrus characteristics. Definitely a must-attend family reunion.

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