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Does the Glassware Really Affect the Taste of Your Wine?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

How much does the glass you use affect the flavor and aromas of the wine? I sat down with two wines and eight glasses.

The Sauces

Bosberaad 2018 from Paulus Wine Co.

Offerus 2016 Dom. Jean Louis Chave Select St. Joseph

The Vessels

Zalto Burgundy

Zalto Bordeaux

Zalto Universal

Gabriel Universal

Chef & Sommelier Red

Chef & Sommelier White

Schotts Zwiesel Stemless

Base Glass- Crystal Direct

I must mention that the Bosberaad from Paulus Wine Co. is one of my favorite Chenin Blancs of all time, coming from South Africa, where Chenin tops the production charts. I usually taste with the South African Sommeliers Association, and the glass of choice is Schotts Zwiesel. Before this tasting, I had not heard of Chef & Sommelier glassware, but they have quickly become a new favorite, and they were my top pick for the white wine round! Their glasses have a slightly beveled lip, which gave a nice smooth mouthfeel.

The red round was much more difficult to pin down a winner! First of all, the wine was showing beautifully, and my first Chave Selection from St. Joseph! NBD. Plum and baking spice lept out of the glasses, but for me, there was one clear winner on this, the Zalto Burgundy glass. So light and elegant, you feel super fancy holding and swirling the wine. Zalto's are some of the lightest glasses in the world, and a steal at just over R700 ($50) per glass. ;)

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