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Help Save the South African Wine Industry!

Announcing the #60in60 #SaveSAWine #DrinkSouthAfrican campaign!

We will be featuring one South African producer a day for 60 days, 30th of August, until the 28th of October. #60in60

Follow. Share. Buy. Help.

Here is why we need your help.

Due to South Africa's recent nation-wide prohibition of alcohol, Vinpro estimates:

  • Over 90% of wineries are in trouble.

  • The entire wine industry could lose more than 15% of wineries 12.6% of grape growers, which is more than 18,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

  • Wine tourism loss of R2.5 billion ($145 million) in revenue between March and July 2020.

  • "The wine industry is sitting on a 300 million liters surplus and an impending harvest, which will add to the challenges the industry already faces." Rico Basson

The domestic ban lifted on the 18th of August, but five months of damage is done, putting the nail in the coffin for many wine producers.


Check out for more info!

Here are some of the upcoming producers to look out for!


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