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Invitation to restaurants and suppliers to sell excess stock to public

Dear Restaurant Owners & Suppliers,

With the latest lockdown regulations having further devastated the restaurant industry, the livelihoods of thousands of restaurants, and millions of staff members are in dire jeopardy. Suppliers and the farmers that produce South Africa’s food are equally threatened, so we have made an option available to help mitigate this risk in some small way.

In order to ensure that restaurants and their broader supply chain are protected, we have set up a platform where restaurants can sell their excess stock that they can no longer hope to sell as a result of the Adjusted Alert Level 4 lockdown regulations. By itemising what stock they have available on the Push the Produce Facebook page, the public can support them, their staff, their suppliers and the greater agricultural community by purchasing groceries through their favourite eateries, who will essentially operate a service as greengrocers.

In this way, even if restaurants are able to maintain their business through take-away sales, they are now able to continue placing their full stock orders with their suppliers and allow the public to support the ailing industry by doing some of their shopping at restaurants rather than major retailers during this difficult time.

We are appealing to restaurants to post on the page with their inventories and contact details so that the public can get involved and keep them afloat. We hope that this small measure can make a difference.

In the same way, we are appealing to suppliers to reach out to their clients with this idea. If restaurants continue to place their stock orders and retain a semblance of continuity in the sector, hopefully, the next 14-days and whatever comes next aren’t fatal for the industry. For further information and to offer your surplus, please visit our page.


Push the Produce Team #pushtheproduce

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