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My Favorite Apps For Wine Studies!

The best wine apps I use daily.

When it comes to wine study, I am more of a pen-and-paper and old-school flashcard person, but there are definitely some great wine apps that help you study, whether it be for an exam or just to keep your knowledge fresh!

Here are my five wine apps!

Wine Maps

For iOS

Wine Maps provides a handy visual reference for the wine regions in twenty countries worldwide. It's an excellent tool for anyone looking to learn more about the world of wine and even better for those looking for maps to study from. It's perfect for those teaching others about wine, and Wine Maps provides several ways of exporting or printing maps.

Cork Dork

For iOS and Android

Cork Dork Wine Study and its CMS & WSET flashcards helps you crush wine exams. Spaced repetition, 2500+ wine study flashcards, 40+ wine maps, 30+ interactive wine map quizzes, wine study practice questions, and more.

Take your wine study and exam prep to the next level with up-to-date study material for all major Old & New World wine regions.

WSET Wine Game

For iOS

The official Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) game app.

The app features additional information on all the regions and grape varieties you have been faced with placing in the game, so as well as testing your knowledge, you can extend it! There are direct links back to the WSET website for more information on all the qualifications WSET offers worldwide.

Terroir (Specifically for New Zealand)

For iOS

Explore famous wine regions of the world! Learn about grape varieties, region characteristics, and meal pairings.

(Only New Zealand is currently available. Stay tuned for more!)

When Wine

For iOS and Android

For those into Biodynamics. Get the best from your bottle of wine: the best days to open your good wine revealed

Based on 50 years of research by biodynamic expert Maria Thun, discover which days are good fruit and flower days and which are less good root and leaf days.

Happy studying, and let me know your favorite wine apps in the comments!

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Jan 01, 2023

I use Cork Dock but SommNinja is also a cool app

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