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Show your sabrage: CyberCellar challenges South Africans for Cap Classique day!

South Africans have a lot of reasons to celebrate this Spring Day. With the weather warming, Heritage month starting, and CyberCellar’s sabrage challenge for Cap Classique day - the bubbles are ready for chilling. The e-commerce retailer is partnering with local bubbly brands to encourage those daring enough to create their own version of the famous sabrage!

The sabrage method was first used to open bubbly bottles in France after the French Revolution. The saber being Napoleon’s weapon of choice was also the perfect tool to cleanly slice off the tops of champagne for post-war celebrations.

These days, sabraging is an impressive party trick that never ceases to wow onlookers. The art of sabraging has progressed from using a saber to using actual champagne flutes (see CyberCellar’s Instagram for a demonstration), kitchen knives, and even a shoe!

Those who want to try the technique could be rewarded with a prize worth celebrating - 3 cases of mixed local Cap Classiques (valued at over R3 3 000)!

After only recently recovering from another alcohol ban, is inspired to lead South Africans in the spirit of celebration this September.

Shop the best local wines, spirits, and bubblies on their site and get access to sensational deals and free delivery nationwide! Stock up on your sabraging stash this September with their mixed case of local bubbles at 20% off!

Shop it here:

Visit for more info, and make sure to follow them on Instagram (@cybercellar) to enter the sabrage challenge.

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