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  • Writer's pictureErica Taylor Announces the 2021 Label Design Award Winners.

Friday afternoon released the winners of the Label Design Awards 2021 live on social media. This competition is proudly sponsored by self-adhesive label supplier Rotolabel, with Avery Dennison, Synchron, and Kemtek|HP Indigoas as co-sponsors.

"Rotolabel was honoured to be approached by eight years ago to be the headline sponsor of the Wine Label Design Awards. We were immediately sold on the idea of recognising brilliant design in the wine industry, and we agreed this was a great way to give back and give recognition to the wine industry for their outstanding design work. We also want to thank our partners Avery Dennison, Synchron, and Kemtek for coming onboard as co-sponsors and enabling us to expand this initiative into the Craft Beer and Spirit industries."' Grant Watson, Rotolabel Executive National Sales

An initiative begun in 2015 by, wine was initially the sole focus, beer added in 2018, and spirits in 2020. There were 68 wine entries, 14 beer entries, and 26 spirits entries this year.

All designs we judged based on:

  1. Originality of Concept

  2. Execution

  3. Shelf Appeal

  4. Effectiveness as a piece of communication

And the Gold winners are...


Spirit in a Series: Cape Saint Blaize Gin Classic, Floristic, Oceanic by Bravo Design

To view all of the beer label awards, click here.


Single Beer Label: Saggy Stone Brewing Co. 3% Summer Ale by Saggy Stone Brewing Co. | Erica Basson

Beer in a Series: Old Tin Hat Brewery Cauldron of Valour Pilsner, Freedom Fighter Lager, Sheer Courage IPA, The Great Escaper! Blonde Ale by Adesignbranding

To view all of the beer label awards, click here.


Single Wine Above R80: Lubanzi Cuvée PN Rainboat 2021 by Chris Auret

Wine in a Series:

Harry Hartman Church Chenin Blanc - Stellenbosch 2020, Swartland 2020 by LUCO ̊

CANCAN by Renegade Wines (La Mélinite Bubbly White NV, La Goulue Chenin Blanc 2021, Satine Rosé 2021,Valentin Le Désossé Grenache 2020) by Haumann Smal

The Cape Saint Blaize series by Bravo Design in the spirits category went on to win a Grand Prix for being truly extraordinary. To view all of the label awards including silver and bronze, click here.

Cheers to all the winners!

Our judging panel this year:

  • Christian Eedes: Editor Of - All

  • Lucy Corne: Beer And Travel Writer - Beer

  • Rob Gower: Senior Wine Buyer, Woolworths - Wine

  • Bernard Gutman: Drinks Writer, And Presenter - Spirits

  • Sean Harrison: Design & Strategy Luco° Brands - All

  • Patrick Leclezio: Drinks Writer - Spirits

  • Troye May: Beer Judge, Homebrewer, Host Of #beertime Podcast - Beer

  • Kassie Naidoo: Executive Creative Director & Partner: Lampost Productions - Wine & Beer

  • François Rautenbach: Heads Of The Premier Wine Direct Programme For The Singita Conservation Brand - Wine

  • Leah Van Deventer: Drinks Writer - Spirits

For images, please click here.

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