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Joostenberg Wines & Dalewood Cheese: A Symphony of Terroir and Sustainable Passion 🍷🧀

When two artisans embrace the age-old adage, “quality over quantity”, magical things can happen. In the heart of the Cape Winelands, Joostenberg Wines and Dalewood Cheese have struck a harmonious chord. It's not just a business relationship; it's a shared philosophy of farming.

Nature's Best Collaborators: Soil & Surroundings 🌱

While one deals in fermented grapes and the other in curdled milk, both Joostenberg and Dalewood recognize the soil's profound impact on their products. As the French say, "terroir" – the combined influence of soil, climate, and a winemaker's artistry – isn't just for wine. Cheese has its own terroir, and it's evident in every bite of Dalewood's "estate" cheese and every sip of Joostenberg's estate-bottled wine.

For these two brands, every farming choice underscores the importance of the soil. The shared commitment to sustainable, regenerative practices ensures the land remains fertile and healthy. It's a choice to resist short-term gains from chemical aids and to foster long-term soil vitality. This eco-centric approach is not a mere marketing trick – it's a deeply-held belief.

Green & Great: Striking the Balance 🌿

Today's consumer is discerning. While many appreciate sustainable farming, they won't trade off taste or value. For Joostenberg and Dalewood, being green is foundational, but it's not their only pitch. The focus? A product so excellent that it speaks for itself.

At Joostenberg, Every Grape Tells a Story...

Tyrrel Myburgh, from Joostenberg, believes in harnessing the land's essence. Actions like allowing sheep and cattle to graze in the vineyards during winter nourish the soil, while minimal soil disturbance keeps it robust. The avoidance of herbicides, the trust in wild yeast fermentations, and the choice of fermentation vessels, all sing the same tune: Nature knows best.

Their wines? All organically certified and estate-bottled, ensuring the drinker receives a full-bodied experience of the Joostenberg heritage.

Wine Highlights from the Day 🍇

For Starters: The Joostenberg Estate Fairhead 2022, a fragrant blend named in honor of Susan and Tyrrel’s mother, Gillian Fairhead, who once nurtured Joostenberg's gardens.

In the Cellar: Guests were treated to the Joostenberg Estate Fairhead 2023 from various vessels - a tantalizing preview of what's to come.

With the Feast: Classics like the Joostenberg Estate Die Agteros Chenin Blanc, both from 2014 and a newer 2022 vintage, the rich Joostenberg Estate Bakermat 2019, and the unique Myburgh Bros. Ex-Africa Muscat d’Alexandrie 2021. And for a sweet finish, the Joostenberg Estate Noble Late Harvest Chenin Blanc from 2015 and 2021.

In this tale of two brands, Joostenberg and Dalewood, the story isn't just about wine or cheese. It's about an unyielding commitment to quality, sustainability, and the land's genuine respect. For those who believe in the magic of terroir, this partnership is a heartfelt toast to nature and craftsmanship. Cheers! 🥂🧀

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