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Tahiirah Habibi in South Africa to launch Hue Society

Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder

Global wine industry pioneer and activist, Tahiirah Habibi, will visit South Africa in June to launch The Hue Society’s first international chapter and to invite South African winemakers to the exclusive Wine & Culture Fest in Atlanta in August.

Habibi is one of the world’s most influential wine professionals and is a long-time advocate for greater Black, Brown and indigenous representation in the global wine industry.

Tahiirah was selected in Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s prestigious 40 under 40 list, also gracing the cover as the first Black woman to do so.

The respected sommelier and entrepreneur’s work has been featured in the likes of Vogue, BET, Wine Spectator and VinePair and she honed her skills at some of the United States’ most prestigious restaurants, most notably J&G Grill in the St. Regis Bal Harbour and the legendary Michael's Genuine in the Miami Design District.

Habibi will be in South Africa from June 20 to June 24 to launch the South African chapter of The Hue Society at an event in Cape Town on June 22.

First established by Habibi in the United States in 2017, The Hue Society’s aim is to connect a prominent community of international innovators, sommeliers and winemakers with a rapidly growing global population of Black wine enthusiasts.

Most importantly, The Hue Society is looking to bridge the gap in economic inclusion and representation at all levels of the global wine industry for communities of colour.

Habibi will be hosted in South Africa by Cape Town-based black-owned company, Nice Beverage Company, who recently launched their UNFLTRD range of South African wines.

“I am excited to explore the South African wine market and extend collaborative platforms like The Hue Society, as well as the Wine & Culture Fest. Creating these global connections is an essential part of building this community,” Habibi said ahead of her South African trip.

Presented by The Hue Society, the Wine & Culture Fest takes place this year in Atlanta, Georgia from 11 to 14 August.

The three-day Ultimate Wine Experience in Atlanta is “the most inclusive wine festival dedicated to consumer education, brand awareness, industry advancement, and cultural experiences through the Black lens”.

The Wine & Culture fest celebrates historically excluded brands, winemakers, and wine industry professionals and will host interactive sessions from black wine industry mavens, industry awards and exclusive wine tastings.

Nice Beverage Company, which recently launched its Skin Dry White and Dry Rosé range, is the strategic partner in South Africa to the Hue Society and the Wine & Culture Fest and will host Habibi during her South African stay.

Habibi is an advisor to the Nice Beverage Company, founded by a group of individuals whose experiences stretch across; culture, marketing, media, branding, renewable energy, events, food & beverage, fashion, technology and e-commerce.

The Nice Beverage Company will make its United States debut in Atlanta in August as exhibitors and participants at the Wine & Culture Fest.

“Partnerships with platforms like The Hue Society and the Wine & Culture Fest allows us the opportunity to build equity and diversity within the South African wine industry. There are plenty of consumers wanting to connect with SA brands in the US and events like these help them get there,” said Nice Beverage Company CEO and Founder, Hardy McQueen.

Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder

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