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The #SaveSAWine + Robinson & Sinclair successfully launches on Loop Street in Cape Town.

The Murals' unveiling took place on 3rd December 2020

Cape Town, WC: The #SaveSAWine + Robinson & Sinclair Mural Project launched on the 3rd of December in Cape Town. Artist Waynebks of Baz-Art painted our homage to the South African Wine Industry opposite the Robinson & Sinclair Wine Shop on Loop Street.

Highlights of the mural:

~ The WWF South Africa Conservation Champion initiative works with 45 wine farms who are actively restoring balance, reducing impact, and protecting our country's vital resources and natural biodiversity. Their contribution features a gorgeous sugarbird, one of the eight bird species endemic to the Fynbos biome of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The sugarbird sits atop a pink protea surrounded by abstract elements of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

~The SA Wine Industry Transformation Unit artwork features a strong, self-confident female image in the design center. The light shining on her face indicates the bright future ahead. The colours used indicate our enterprises—Red, and orange, showing our brands' vibrant energy and inner strength. Pink indicating the vision, originality, and creativity that is required in the wine industry to differentiate yourself and reinvent yourself. Purple represents the brand's destiny and inspiration to improve their lives and their families and communities' lives. Blue symbolizes their honour and grace in doing business. Green focuses on the prosperity and growth that we want to become sustainable for the businesses.

This mural project is the brainchild of Sarah Krone of Robinson & Sinclair to help shed further light on the #SaveSAWine campaign run by Erica Taylor of Uncorkified.

The #SaveSAWine movement stemmed from a domestic prohibition of alcohol lasting more than four months and a five-week ban on exports. After the campaign's official launch on the WineLand Media website on 22nd July this year, Vinpro, Wines of South Africa (WoSA), Visit Winelands, and several wine routes joined forces to promote the campaign and reach a wider audience.

"Part of our mandate is to be a platform that not only informs people but also empowers them to think and act differently," WineLand Media editor Wanda Augustyn says.

Vinpro, the representative organisation for 2 500 South African wine grape producers and other wine-related businesses, estimates that the wine industry has lost more than R7 billion in direct income. Also, Vinpro estimates that up to 80 wineries could potentially close, while more than 20 000 employees could lose their jobs over the next 18 months.

With wine sales still restricted, the industry is not out of the woods yet. Sarah and Erica, along with Will Marrais from "About the Winelands," have more murals in mind and other plans to impact our struggling wine industry's growth.

About Uncorkified: Erica Taylor is a 15+ year PR and marketing veteran. She has a WSET Level 3 advanced certification and works with numerous wine-related entities, including the South African Sommeliers Association and the International Women in Wine Expo.

About Robinson & Sinclair: Sarah Krone, Financial Manager, has been with Robinson & Sinclair for 12 years. Robinson & Sinclair, founded in 2003, manages the International sales and marketing for some of the top local producers, exporting to 26 different countries to over 200 customers globally, proudly telling the South African wine story!

About WWF Conservation Champion Initiative: WWF South Africa catalyses strategic initiatives where there is the greatest need to restore balance, reduce impact, and protect our country's vital resources and natural biodiversity. The longstanding partnership between the wine industry and conservation sector ensures that the services that nature is providing, essential for any agricultural production, are secured for current and future generations. For Nature. For You.

About The SA Wine Industry Transformation Unit (SAWITU): an entity that supports and promotes the development of black-owned enterprises, black-owned farms, black professionals, and farmworkers. The unit has a specific focus on previously disadvantaged women and youth in the wine industry. The creative design of the SAWITU mural illustrates the continuous resilience and strength of these brands in tough conditions over several years. The art piece incorporates collective images of a few brands under the SAWITU portfolio of black-owned enterprises.

About Baz-Art: Baz-Art is the largest street art platform in Africa, an organisation that transforms spaces through commissioned urban art. We achieve our objectives through the creation, education, incorporation, and development of public art into all areas of South African life. Art plays a pivotal role in the expression of our South African identity. By supporting local art, you are not simply helping an artist; you're creating a ripple effect that has the power to drive conversations, positive change, and shape our communities.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jarred Vosges


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